Call For Papers: History/Theory of High Speed Rail Technology

Deadline September 15, 2017
The existing historiography of U.S. passenger railways, post World War 2, pays insufficient attention to important aspects, such as (among others): (1). how transnational relationships affected the development of high speed technology; (2). the decline of railcar/propulsion manufacturing. Also this historiography rarely includes theoretical explanations of why a new technology—e.g., magnetically levitated transport (Maglev), or the Aerotrain—failed to achieve commercial implementation; or why one particular technology, as opposed to another, was adopted. Therefore, I invite colleagues to join me in presenting papers on a Panel, at the Business History Conference’s 2018 Annual Meeting, in Baltimore, MD., April 5-7, 2018, which address any of these or related aspects of the history of U.S. rail technology.
Please send your proposals for papers, before September 15, to Jim Cohen, Professor Emeritus, The City University of New York: 


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