18-20 avril/ Abu Dhabi / OPEC and the Global Energy Order From its Origins to the Present Time

Crude oil was possibly the most crucial natural resource for the development of the industrial society in the 20th century and allowed for the global expansion of consumerism. It significantly contributed to the rise of a new era that is now starting been called the Anthropocene.

This conference will explore the cooperation among the world largest oil exporters, their relations to non-OPEC countries, to international oil companies and to key consuming countries. It will try to shed light on the role that OPEC has played in the international history of the 20th century, as well as on the challenges the organization is facing with the rise of the climate change debate and the pressures to move toward a less carbon-dependent economy.

OPEC being the most sophisticated and successful international organization of raw materials producers from the Global South, its success and failures can also speak in general to the prospect of international cooperation on raw materials and natural resources and contribute to a better understanding of the key issues at stake both for producers and consumers.

Agenda and Speakers

Le 18 avril après-midi (Session II panel 4), Yves Bouvier présentera un texte écrit avec Alain Beltran intitulé The European Community and the Relations with Oil Producing Countries.


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